Transferring your Google account


What happens when I transfer my account?

When you transfer your account all of your data will be migrated into UFs Google tenant. Subsequent logins will use the UF login (

What happens if I decline to transfer my account?

If you choose to not migrate your account, when Google becomes generally available for UF a new account will be created for you. On your next sign-in you will be prompted to change the e-mail address associated with your person account. You have three options:

  1. Rename the account with a new Gmail address (
  2. Rename the account with a non-Gmail address that you already own
  3. Sign in with a temporary
  • If you choose this option you will be prompted to rename the account every time you sign-in.
I have a Google account under, how do I migrate this data?

We are only supporting the transfer of accounts into UFs Google tenant. 

I have a Google account with a primary address of with an alias of, can I migrate my data?

Because the account is primarily associated with your address we cannot support account transfers. 

Will my links and external sharing in Google Drive continue to work after I migrate?


What Google Services are available in the UF rollout?
  1. Calendar
  2. Drive and Docs
  3. Google Hangouts
  4. Groups for Business
  5. Hangout Chats
  6. Jamboard
  7. Keep
  8. Sites
  9. Tasks